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God's Agenda

What does the new millennium have in store? What is next on the world agenda? Will we be able to stamp out the threat of terrorism? human beings?

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The Books of Books

The invention of the alphabet … about thirty-five hundred years ago was a turning point for human civilization. The Canaanites designed an alphabet used to form words, rather than having a sign for each object.

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When Christ Comes

God’s Word assures us that Jesus is coming again! In the previous lesson, we considered some of the world events and developments indicating that Christ’s second coming is near.

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Our Search for God

Unseen but real,…atoms make themselves known to scientists by their behavior. The effects of that behavior are seen, real, and predictable. Atomic theory made possible the dreadful atomic bombs that were unleashed on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945.

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